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Real solutions for real pain. We offer traditional and diversified chiropractic care.


The trained and professional staff at Apex Physical Medicine & Rehab offers treatments for your pains and aches with both passive and active modalities. Together, you and Dr. Hoang can find the right treatment plan to help you restore function and feel better!

Passive modalities

Passive modalities are therapies that are done to you. The most common types of passive modalities are things like massages, stretching, and heat or ice packs to reduce muscle inflammation.


Other examples of passive modalities include therapeutic ultrasound and electrical stimulation, which help enhance soft tissue healing.

Active modalities

Active modalities are therapies that are performed by you. This means anything from resistance training to gait training, and spinal strengthening exercises to core strengthening exercises.


We can help you develop a schedule of active modalities to help the restoration of function and healing.

We Have Options for Feeling Your Best