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Accident Injury

After an injury, we can sometimes feel like we are not ourselves anymore. We may feel like our injuries make us burdens or make us somehow less than we were. Apex Physical Medicine & Rehab is here to tell you that is not the case. Our aim is to restore bodily function with therapy and help you get back on your feet within a short amount of time; just give us a call today.

We'll help you recover

Have you been in a motor vehicle accident or a slip and fall? Don't let a personal injury hold you back from enjoying life. Call us today to make an appointment and start the journey towards recovery.

Letter of Protection (LOP)

Apex Physical Medicine & Rehab accepts attorney ‘letters of protection’. If you have ongoing litigation regarding your personal injury, we will hold your bill until completion of treatments with our office, and until the resolution of your court case.

Together, We'll Get You Back to Good Health